September 5th, 2017 9:00am-6:00pm

Infinity Event Center Salt Lake City, UT



if you burned all of your limiting beliefs to the ground and stepped into the most confident, loving version of yourself?

Discover how to become unstoppable. Be deeply connected to your heart & purpose so you can create huge results in your network marketing business. You will leave Soul on Fire feeling more capable then ever to step into your dreams. You will learn to stop running from your fears and instead learn how to use them to tap into your greatest desires. We will teach you simple and practical action steps that will help you align with your deepest purpose and manifest your dreams. The best part? You’ll have more peace, joy, and fun while doing it.


Soul on Fire is a 1-day event bringing together Network Marketers from all different companies who want to bust through their limiting beliefs so they can be unstoppable in creating a business and life they love.

We believe you are here on the planet right now because you have important work to do in the world. Your soul’s call is the GPS for what you are here to do, and if you truly listen, without holding back, you will unleash your potential and literally feel ON FIRE.

Setting Your Soul on Fire is about letting go of doubt, fear, or worry, and learning how to lead from your unique purpose, your joy, and your power.

This is not just an event. This is a journey– an opportunity to bust through fears, come alive with discoveries, and step into the life you desire. You’ll gain amazing relationships and learn the right steps to take to give you more joy, freedom, and fun!


We believe the kind of leader that will heal the world is the leader who is willing to constantly hold themselves accountable to becoming the best version of themselves (on purpose) so they can inspire others to do the same. True leadership starts within, then spreads to your family, to your team, and then to the world at large. It is a divine responsibility to know your greatness, and get rid of your “not – enoughness”.

NO MORE network marketers struggling to reach their goals, feeling burned out, broken, lonely, dis-empowered, exhausted, and shameful about where they are in their business and where they think they should be. Network Marketing is a powerful vehicle to create emotional, financial and spiritual healing. It does not have to be at the cost of other important things like family, marriage, or health. The Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession hit a new record in 2012 with $167 BILLION in global sales. Network Marketing is BIG business! Roughly $65 Billion (40% of the $167 Billion), was paid directly to distributors via commissions. That’s $5.5 billion a month, or $185 million a day!


There is ENORMOUS opportunity for you to increase your happiness, make more money, find your greater purpose, deepen your relationships, experience more joy when you are freed from self doubt. But in order to reach the level of success that you dream of you’ll have to to go beyond your limitations and transform yourself into someone who is unstoppable and living from a place of passion and power. The world needs more people who are fueled by their business mission, clear about their desires, and have deep love for others and themselves.


“If it were safe and okay for a person to have their desires, they would already have them.” We believe that there is only ever going to be ONE of you on the planet. You are completely unique. Sometimes it might be hard to see yourself, but we know the truth. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being willing to look at your stuff and learn from it. We believe that your unique voice needs to be heard. Consider building your business as the greatest personal growth adventure ever! This is an opportunity to let go of all the things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey, so you can hop to the next lily pad, light and free. Isn’t it time to release what’s not working so you can feel free?

To living our lives on purpose together,

September 5th, 2017 9:00am-6:00pm
Infinity Event Center 26 E 600 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84111


VIP registrants will have the opportunity to join a Breakthrough Coaching Circle with one of our On-Purpose Master Coaches. Bring your own questions and challenges to the circle where a master coach will lead you into new ways of thinking. Topics include Inherited Money Beliefs, Crucial Conversations, Balancing Family and Business, and MANY MORE! Do not miss this. It will, without a doubt, create massive shifts for those who participate. SEE OTHER VIP BENEFITS


Live events can be powerful AND they can bring up stuff. You can rest easy knowing you’ll have support with anything that comes up for you.  If you’ve not yet met the coaching team this will be a highlight for you. Handpicked by Angelina, they are dynamic, loving, and powerful individuals you are sure to fall in love with.


Bobbie Chambers


Blue Russ


Rebecca Sang


Rasul Davis

As you grow into a successful leader the limiting beliefs that have served you in the past WILL NO LONGER FIT. These beliefs must be upgraded for you to truly grow beyond your comfort level into true financial freedom. You can know all of the skills, strategy, and products, but unless you focus on the inner game you will stay stuck.


• You are making great progress but you want to put your success rate into hyper-drive.


• You are ready to make a powerful and transformational shift in your life & business.


• You want to make the shift from being a stress monster, workaholic to FULLY enjoying the journey and living your life to the fullest.


• You want to learn how to feel joy now and not just when you get “there”.


• You are ready to become unchained from the past and create a new story for your life.


• You are ready to take full responsibility for living your life ON PURPOSE.


• Get ready to dig deep and uncover your deepest desires, ones you’ve buried, and those that you had no idea you even had.


• Through guided meditations you will learn to tap into the the most powerful version of yourself 20 years in the future.



• We will exercise your mind to think, act and BE an Entrepreneur.



• You will learn WHY your beliefs are the single most important thing in achieving success and how to go beyond where you’ve stopped in the past.



• You will learn what FEAR really is and how to USE it as a compass.



• You will experience a radical change in your psychology and in turn create a radical change in the meaning of your life.



• You will learn the “4 Habits to Lasting Success” that you can implement everyday to go beyond your limiting beliefs (this is worth the price of admission).



• You will leave understanding how to pull yourself out when ever you feel yourself starting to slip back into old habits so you can sustain your new self.



• You will walk away with a daily action plan to ensure that your transformation oozes over into your life over the coming months.


The coolest, transformative, most content-packed event of the year. We are delivering more real-world strategies in this course than most $5,000 growth and development seminars do. The strategies you’ll learn at Soul on Fire will change your life.


Many of our current clients thought that they did not have any limiting beliefs. After looking closer, they learned that by addressing them, they found that building a business became so much more enjoyable. The value you’ll experience over time can completely change the course of your journey – and your life. Not to mention the delicious feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, confidence, and EMPOWERMENT you’ll feel when you reach your business goals.


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This event is the day before the doTERRA convention, but it is open to ALL Network Marketers. This year we will have at least 10-20 companies represented. Cross-marketing is not allowed, so it’s a safe place to learn with other network marketers in the field.


I’m nervous about having to share my personal stuff in the front of the room?

You will never be called on if you do not want to share. The greatest thing about having a room full of people who all have struggled with similar things, is that you’ll feel instantly at home, safe, and in an environment that is non-judgmental. Who knows, you might just meet your next best friend.


I’m already attending the doTERRA convention, should I do this as well?

SOF is a great accompaniment to the convention. Although, this event will be different than last year. many people told us that they were so glad that they came because they went into convention feeling so much more clear and confident. Each time you say YES to yourself, you are saying yes to what’s possible for you. If you come and don’t think it’s valuable for you, you can leave at the lunch break of the first day and get a 100% refund. Give it a try. After all, what if it is exactly the thing you’ve been craving?


I’m not able to attend the whole event, should I still register?

The event builds as the day progresses, so it’s best to try to make it to the entire day. We understand if for some reason you cannot and we will still welcome you.


What if I register and then don’t like the event, can I get a refund?

YES! We believe in lessening the risk for you, so if you register, come to the event, and don’t feel like the event is a fit for you by the lunch break, spend 1/2 day with us, and at the lunch break, you can tell any event staff and we will say “Thank you for Coming” (no questions asked) and we will give you a refund.


Can I get a refund if I buy a ticket and can’t attend the event?

We do not offer refunds if you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend.  However, you may list your ticket for sale on our community page. If you do so before August 5th, there is no charge for this – after August 5th there is a $25 ticket transfer fee.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone?

Yes, you may transfer your ticket by emailing free of charge before August 5th. After August 5th, all transfers will incur a $25 transfer fee.